The hours and cost for the booklet courses have changed because we are now using NBCC rather than NASW approval; the California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts NBCC-approved courses. Additionally, the test for each of the booklet courses has changed from 35 to 20 questions and the tests are accessed on our website as indicated in the paragraph below; the 20-question tests are taken from the booklet tests of 35 questions, hence, no new questions are involved.

The procedure to obtain your certificate involves the following two steps:
  1. Access the 20-question test for each course by clicking the "California MFT/LCSW/LEP/LPCC Courses" link (on the left side of Home Page), click the name of your chosen course(s), scroll down to the last two pages of the course to access the 20-question test and write down the test answers on a piece of paper.

  2. Obtain your certificate by clicking the link entitled, "California MFT/LCSW/LEP/LPCC Answer Sheet" (on the left side of Home Page) and follow the prompts which include making your payment, transferring your test answers to the online answer sheet, and printing your certificate immediately.
The booklet and online courses are the same, except for the course, Ethics: Cases and Commentary which has a small amount of new information added on page 9, and 14 through 17. In other words, you do not have to read the online courses if you have already read the booklet courses because the courses are the same.

We also combined several courses into one course, as explained below.
Due to different NBCC rules regarding course hours, please note that the booklet courses entitled, Ethics: Cases and Commentary I and Ethics: Cases and Commentary II have been combined into one course entitled, Ethics: Cases and Commentary; either course alone cannot be completed, instead, both courses must be read. Likewise, the online course entitled Positive Psychology is a combination of the booklet courses Positive Psychology I, Positive Psychology II, Positive Psychology III, and Positive Psychology IV, and all four courses will need to be read because any one of the four Positive Psychology courses cannot be completed by itself. The online course entitled, Women's Health is a combination of the booklet courses entitled, Women's Health and Women's Health II. The online course entitled, Famous Therapist Errors is a combination of the booklet courses entitled, Famous Therapist Errors and Famous Therapist Errors II. The online course entitled, Ethics: Case Studies is a combination of the booklet courses entitled, Ethics: Cases Studies I and Ethics: Case Studies II.

Course Name
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Law and Ethics: Cases and Commentary  
Positive Psychology   
Subjective Well-Being (Happiness)  
Healthy Personality  
Law and Ethics  
Domestic Violence  
Healthy Aging  
Law and Ethics: Case Studies  
Women's Health  
Famous Therapist Errors  

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