New Jersey - Click the "Counselor/Therapist/NCC Answer Sheet" link and follow the prompts to obtain your certificate.

Due to a recent NASW-rule change, which affects all providers, our procedure to obtain your certificate of completion has changed to the following:
Click the link entitled, "Counselor/Therapist/NCC Answer Sheet" and follow the prompts which include making your payment, transferring your test answers and printing your certificate immediately. Our NBCC-accepted courses appear on this link.

For New Jersey LPCs, LACs, LMFTs, (L)CADCs, and LRCs: These programs are accepted by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC ACEP No. 6084).

You may also complete any of the courses listed on the link entitled, "Counselor/Therapist/NCC Courses" because your State Board accepts all of these courses. The list of accepted courses includes these courses: Subjective Well-Being, Healthy Personality, Ethics, Domestic Violence, Healthy Aging, Ethics: Case Studies, Women's Health, Famous Therapist Errors, Ethics: Cases and Commentary, and Positive Psychology.

Due to different NBCC rules regarding course hours, please note that the course entitled, Ethics: Cases and Commentary is a combination of the courses entitled, Ethics: Cases and Commentary I and Ethics: Cases and Commentary II; the course entitled Positive Psychology is a combination of the courses Positive Psychology I, Positive Psychology II, Positive Psychology III, and Positive Psychology IV; Women's Health is a combination of Women's Health and Women's Health II; Famous Therapist Errors is a combination of Famous Therapist Errors and Famous Therapist Errors II; and Ethics: Case Studies is a combination of Ethics: Cases Studies I and Ethics: Case Studies II.

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